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Into to Sociology Interview When I was looking for the right person to do my interview on I thought deep and hard about the many different people who are in my life. The different people who I am really close to and who I am not so much close to. Then I thought about the different ethnic and racial backgrounds that I did not really understand or even know much about. Till I was talking to one of my coworkers on our lunch break, I knew she was from Australia but I knew nothing about her background, how she was brought up and the different customs her and her family shared. After asking her if it was alright if I asked a couple questions about her for this paper she was more than excited to help me out. First we began talking about…show more content…
A damper is traditional yeast-less Australian bread. And lamingtons are chocolate coated cubes of sponge cake rolled in desiccated coconut, I thought this one sounded the best and made me crave some sweets. Then she went on and talked about Lemon myrtle which is fresh leaf or ground dried leaf of the Lemon Myrtle tree. I found a lot of the different types of food so appetizing and interesting; I made sure to get the different ingredients, she ensured me that she would make me a couple dishes so I was able to…show more content…
Even before meeting my coworker I knew I always wanted to visit Australia because of all the different things I heard about this place. I was told that it was so beautiful something that you would never see anywhere else. And my friend told me this also, so this made it so much easier for me to learn more and talk to her about everything about her home life and some of the different things she was used to growing up. Now I cannot wait to one day go visit Australia and hopefully maybe see my friend and a couple other coworkers that are in my job

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