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Into Thin Air Journal • Intro and Chapter One o Into Thin Air starts off with one of the main elements it uses throughout the whole of the book, foreshadowing. Jon Krakauer begins with just telling you what is going to happen to every character in the book, and for me makes it even more interesting of a read. For me, in the first chapter I could almost feel the lack of oxygen Krakauer was feeling, and see the vast expansion of mountains in front of me. Already though, just from reading the intro and first chapter, I know I’m to not like the book for the surplus of names and insignificant characters being mentioned. Can’t wait to see how Krakauer reaches the top. • Chapter Two - Three o Chapter two leaves Krakauer to talk about some of the history of Everest, which I actually enjoyed; hopefully he’ll do it later in the book too. The chapter talks about Hillary, the famed Australian to be the first man to reach Everest, I really like the side stories that are coming out from this book, and not just the Krakauer story. Chapter Four introduces more characters into the book, such as Rob Hall, Krakauer’s guide on Everest. I didn’t really enjoy this Chapter, felt like it took up to much space to just explain an airplane flight and a meeting. • Chapter Four – Six o Chapter four comes back to Krakauer on his beginnings of traveling to Everest. I found this chapter really well written, especially the disgusting situations the people were put in at the camps below base camp. I feel like after paying all that admission to climb Everest they would be treated like royalty. Chapter four also shows some of the dangers of Everest, such as the near death of the Sherpa, Tenzing, it was once again using foreshadowing in the book. Chapter five brings up Rob Hall’s “nemesis”, Scott Fisher. Through reading this chapter, I feel I like Rob Hall more, he seems more of an honest

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