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Into Thin Air Journal • Intro and Chapter One o Into Thin Air starts off with one of the main elements it uses throughout the whole of the book, foreshadowing. Jon Krakauer begins with just telling you what is going to happen to every character in the book, and for me makes it even more interesting of a read. For me, in the first chapter I could almost feel the lack of oxygen Krakauer was feeling, and see the vast expansion of mountains in front of me. Already though, just from reading the intro and first chapter, I know I’m to not like the book for the surplus of names and insignificant characters being mentioned. Can’t wait to see how Krakauer reaches the top. • Chapter Two - Three o Chapter two leaves Krakauer to talk about some of the history of Everest, which I actually enjoyed; hopefully he’ll do it later in the book too. The chapter talks about Hillary, the famed Australian to be the first man to reach Everest, I really like the side stories that are coming out from this book, and not just the Krakauer story.…show more content…
I became attached to the characters, and felt their life’s to be important when they were trapped on top of the mountain. I would really recommend, I found it entertaining, suspenseful, informative, and fun. • Memorable quotes o “None of them imagined that horrible ordeal was drawing nigh. Nobody suspected that by the end of that long day, every minute would matter.” pg. 11 o “Following Sikhdar’s discovery in 1852, it would require the lives of twenty-four men, the efforts of fifteen expeditions, and the passage of 101 years before the summit of Everest would finally be attained” pg. 17 o “A peak lacking sufficient technical challenges or aesthetic appeal to be a worth objective for a ‘serious’ climber,” pg. 23 o “some climbers have then sued their guides when the summit eluded them.” pg.

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