Into the World Speech, Tom Brennan/ the Blindside

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English Speech Individuals venturing into new experiences may encounter obstacles, but may also gain significant rewards. 1. Have you ever experienced the same struggle in life like Tom Brennan and Michael Oher did? People who experience life’s struggles would know how difficult it can be to face the reality of life standing alone. Our relationships with friends and family are crucial to our growth and without the support of loved ones; the transitional phase we must surpass can be difficult. Entry into a new world entails courage, motivation and perseverance, in order to adapt to new conditions in which one may encounter countless opportunities for growth and Development. I will be exploring this concept with ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ and my related text The Blind side. 2. In the Story of Tom Brennan, Tom confronts a traumatic disaster which compels him to undergo physical relocation and antisocial emotional change. The major transition Tom faces is moving into the town of Cog hill where he has to deal with social alienation and the agonies of trauma, hindering his emotional growth and development. This is seen as an obstacle in Tom’s life. Tom experiences flashbacks of the tragic car accident of his older brother: “Running towards the car. Running into headlights. Running into the silence of death.” The anaphora of ‘running’ highlights his emotional devastation which shows Tom's paranoia and frustration in the initial stages of the novel. As a result of the crisis, Tom responds adversely to a new start at Coghill. 3. The motif of darkness is frequently used to demonstrate a condition of misery and downhearted: “There aren’t words to say how black and empty pain felt. It was deeper than the darkest hole.” The hyperbolic and melodramatic tone that JC Burke has used describes the emotional toll on Tom and is further shown through

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