Into the World- Kelly Clarkson 'Breakaway' Mark: 12/15

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‘‘How have the ideas and language features of your chosen text enabled you to further understand how a text represents the idea of Into the World?” ‘Into the world’ explores the aspects of growth, transition and a broader world through personal experiences. Individuals are able to learn, grow or alter as human beings. The song Breakaway produced by Kelly Clarkson investigates the ways barriers determine how an individual can alter or develop by reacting to a situation. Breakaway composed by award-winning artist, Kelly Clarkson was released in 2004 on her second album titled Breakaway. The widely known composition depicts the idea of the singer leaving her serenity and going off on her own to start a new life and learn through making mistakes. Though it is hard for her to leave those familiar things behind she knows she needs to grow and get a broader thought of life. The negative outlook of the singer’s life is briefly illustrated at the start of the song. “When the rain would fall down, I'd just stare out my window” With the use of imagery, the audience can picture a forlorn female behind a glass window with rain pouring down. This gives a feeling of how the singer is miserable with her current, old life and the desperate urn for change. The literary device of symbolism is also used throughout the first verse. The symbolism of a glass window gives the image that the singer is trapped behind the metaphorical glass window and there is no way the escape how she feels. As the song continues, Kelly Clarkson explains how she feels alone and isolated. “When I tried to speak out, Felt like no one could hear me”. The singer uses existentialism to highlight the isolation she continues to feel in the first verse. The repetition of the word “Breakaway” highlights the singers need to break away and how she urns to be free from the hurt and pain she feels. The singer’s

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