Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Character Analysis

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Too late to prevent It is always easy to talk and give advices after the war is over. If anyone in this world could have prevented McCandless death it was mostly himself. There are several factors that could have helped him not to end up in this situation. If he would have had a good and sincere relationship with his parents, if he would have been more prepared for that trip, and got rid of some pride and stubbornness probably he could have probably be alive today. But, unfortunately none of this happened. If Chris would have not been influenced by his life circumstances perhaps it had not been necessary to talk about this tragedy today. The primary factor that could have prevented his tragic end was the relationship…show more content…
If he had not been so stubborn, he would have had an open and authentic relationship with his parents, and it would have not been necessary to knock them out of his life. His stubbornness and arrogance influenced him not to forgive his parents but contrarily to grow bitter and bitter and finally leave everything behind. He was a little too stubborn and too proud to accept his destiny and he wanted to prove himself that he is greater than his circumstances. He did not like to get instructions, he resisted them, and probably that aggravated his problem. His pride stayed in the way, when he was told to call his parents, or let some of his friends know where he was. He even refused the food from Frank when he was about to leave to Alaska. He should have not been so arrogant to get rid of the map he had, and trust in his abilities. Probably that piece of paper could have saved his…show more content…
He should have been more realistic about the trip, and not so superficial. Before he left his home, he had enough money to take a survival course, which could have helped him survive into the wilderness. Probably he was too confident in his knowledge and abilities. Even if it was summer at that time, he should have taken more clothes with him. He should have taken more food in his backpack not just the books, which seems that had not replaced the food. Somehow the books helped him survive a few months but did not stop his death. Perhaps a survival course would have been more helpful than the books. Probably he would have learned better how to store the food, for example the moose meat, or how to let someone know that he needed help. An item that could have been useful was a more powerful rifle that could have helped him to hunt some real game, not just squirrels. Another important item that could have saved his life was a topographic map, “Because he lacked a good map, the cable spanning the river also remained incognito.” On a good map he could have seen the tram cable, get on the other side of the Teklanika River and be saved. Definitely a good map would have helped him to see that upstream the river was not so fast and deep. We do not know why he gave up so quickly crossing the river. Probably if he would have tried a couple of times to cross the river through different spots,

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