Into the Wild by Jon Krakuer

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Christopher Johnson McCandless in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild pursues most people’s hidden dream to rely solely on nature’s resources. Technology growth in our society has made it harder to achieve that dream. Our world seems to need to be connected to all aspects of the world at all times. Even if we do not need certain things we still feel the need to have access to it in order to feel comfortable. Technology has brought us farther away from breaking through the comfort zone our society is currently in. In order to achieve comfort, our society seems to have to be connected to the world around them at any given time. Living with nothing but what nature provides us is outside of our comfort zone completely. This allows our world to grow farther away from gaining critical thinking skills and coming up with creative solutions that could possibly hinder our everyday lives. As Into the Wild’s Christopher Johnson McCandless shows that he lived by his own creativity and resources the land gave him it shows how our society’s creativity has been diminishing. Our society seems to have the need to be connected to the world around them at all times! Cell phones are the main way people are all connected. About 74 percent of kids ages 13-18 own a cell phone (Knapstein). This makes it needless to adapt and be creative to solve problems that hinder us. As a car breaks down on the side of the road the first thing a person does is call a mechanic using a cell phone! Rarely do you see people fixing their car themselves and if they cannot fix it, or have someone fix it for them they just leave the car to sit on the side of the road. Also, people spending time in solitude is a rare sight as well. With text messaging, call waiting, and instant messaging at our fingertips it is almost impossible to spend time alone. This shows our society as a whole lacks ingenuity and creativity to

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