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Into the Wild 1. According to this film, what is knowledge? To state his independence and become free from judgment from others. Teaching that people must be independent and follow their own thoughts due to society. Being independent and happy without materialistic stuff such as money. 2. What do you think Chris’s motives are for dropping out of society? I think that he decides to drop out of society due to his free time of being alone and time to think outside of society. Making him realize what he should be living for with the inspiration of his parents divorce. Wanting to be different then his parents becoming happy the way he is and likes things. 3. How does changing his name help Chris to realize his dreams? Do you think that it can be that simple? When Chris changed his name due to him changing his ways he knew no one would recognize. Making it easier for him to realize his dream. I do not think it would be that simple due to not having prof that he is someone else. Without any evidence he is a nobody. 4. In what ways does language empower the characters of this film? Language in a way shows what level people are in the society. Chris yet was different from society he spoke with the way he saw things and that was the language he used. 5. In your opinion, who is the best role model for Alexander Supertramp? Be patient; he has many. Alexander Supertramp had many role model but he learned the most simple yet important things from his father Walt McCandless. His important life lessons, “words to live by and less a person to learn from”(alexander Supertramp). What are your thoughts about the soundtrack of this film? Do you think that the soundtrack was well chosen? Why? Why not? Share your thoughts below. I think that the soundtrack is well chosen for the movie. For different scenes having the perfect music, music which you would

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