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Abdiel Lopez S. Rider English 1-A 03 September 2009 Ethnography Research Proposal When thinking of a subculture it is not too difficult to find something you can relate to. If you have an interest to find out more about one or have already have been a part of one you can always find out more, therefore I chose to do fisherman. To be specific pro-fisherman. I have always enjoyed fishing ever since I was a little kid but never thought of it to be a job. Not till I was in my early teens did I find out this was an actual profession and that you could actually do what you loved and get paid to do so. What draws me to this topic most is just the simple fact that I could not live without this sport. It is my past time, my frustration and stress reliever, at times even my migraine remedy. It is my families way of getting together and for this to be my job would be more than I could ask for. With this said, knowing more about pro-fishermen would be almost a whole other way of approaching this sport as a job when for me it is just a hobby. The way I would come to gathering information would be through actual pro-fisherman. I will plan a date to go out on a tournament with one or more of them and there be able to get the full hands on experience. This way being with the fishermen I could there gather information; know their language as to things such as jigs, spinners, crank baits, scented lures, tubes, plastics, rattlers, depths of swimming baits, areas of fishing, such as banks, canals, rivers, creeks and so on. As well as what types of fish they catch, what size they have to be to be legal, what times are best to fish for certain species and I am sure many other things that I do not know. The way I will be gaining access is through my brother in law. His neighbor is a pro-fisherman which I have already met and had planned a fishing trip with but

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