Into The Electronic Millenium Analysis

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“Into the Electronic Millenium” Sven Birkerts Most individuals, if not the world, may consider technological innovations and advances to be a beneficial aspect in our contemporary society. However, according to Sven Birkerts in his article, “Into the Electronic Millennium,” the assimilation of technology into our society has only affected us negatively. On one hand, the usage of these modern gadgets has caused detrimental effects to our daily language, altering the way we speak and communicate for the worse. On the other hand, such electric components have also provoked a loss of value for privacy as well. In accord with Birkerts ideals, I too, agree in the detrimental effects evoked from such technological advances. Birkerts first explains that such technological advances have affected our language and communication for the worse. This happens to be the case for my seven-year-old cousin,…show more content…
This happens to be the case for Miley Cyrus’s Instagram account, which undermines the true value of privacy. With almost 10 million followers and 300 pictures on her Instagram, Miley Cyrus constantly posts pictures of being nude or suggestive that should be private rather than put in the public view. For example, she recently posted a picture of herself naked in bed with two other men while looking carefree and wild. On her caption wrote, “Me and my babes…check it out and see the real deal,” to imply a sense of negligence for the judgment of her followers and fans as well as an “I don’t really care” attitude. By posting it for the public to see without turning on the private settings, which is available for all users, Miley Cyrus is actually volunteering to show herself off to our society without worrying of the consequences of doing so. In other words, the worth and importance of privacy is being watered down through the usage of

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