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Intl Theory and Rosenau Essay

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  • on October 21, 2013
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International Theory
Seminar 1: Advance Preparation

Please come to the first seminar having read as widely as you can, and with the following in particular:

1. A list of all the sources you read in preparation for the seminar, with an explanation of ONE key thing you learnt from each of them that you think will be of use to your learning on this module. It could be: factual (content) or it might be stylistic (form; how something is explained or justified) -  anything that helps you understand and communicate issues in International Theory; analogy, questioning, illustration, comparing, quoting(cf. you raise me up)

2. A 250 word summary of either Rosenau’s ‘The Theoretical Imperative…’ or Cynthia Weber’s ‘Why IR Needs Theory/Practice Debates…’ (both essential readings), focussing especially on their core argument as well as the evidence they use.

Aims: This session aims to focus on the nature of theoretical enquiry in International Relations; to emphasise the way in which historical, political and ethical issues relate to theory, and to highlight what the principal questions of concern are for IR theorists(intl theory, p.42.

Intl theory(Oliver Daddow) :p.8,9,21,22,40,45,46, 68, 69
Theories of Intl politics and Zombies:p.17
The Globalization of World Politics:p.3,7
Intl Relations Theory Today:p.2

A 250 Words Summary
The Theoretical Imperative (Rosenau)

1. Intro:
Gap between ‘ever-greater messiness of the world’ and
‘the unarticulated ways in which it is assessed)

Critics 1.Gov’t: It is far-fetched, far from ‘real world’
      2. Academic field: Theory-oriented teaching is viewed as misguided because
                      it is not seen to be ‘policy relevant’
      3. Journalist: “Why don’t they write in plain English?”

“The world's messiness cannot be directly managed or ameliorated by theoreticians, but the path toward management and amelioration can be smoothed if all concerned have a better appreciation of the value of...

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