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Intimate Apparel Review: The Work of the Actors This production of Intimate Apparel was presented at the Cal State Northridge’s Performance Hall in the Studio Theatre. This play ran from December 2, 2008 until December 7, 2008. I was fortunate enough to obtain tickets in advance for Saturday December 6, 2008 at the 2:00pm showing, as many students found it difficult to purchase tickets last minute because it was sold out so swiftly. This theatre had a staging format that was a thrust, which is defined as an unencumbered acting space, and my husband and I were seated in the front row, house right, and stage left, downstage. The show began a couple minutes past 2:00pm, with many individuals arriving late due to an accident on the freeway. Many of the audience members were adults, not appearing to be students, there together with their significant others and spouses. During the performance, the actors used both the backstage and audience entrances during their performances while maintaining a fourth wall. None of the props, scenery or blocking interfered with the audience perspective instead, this created greater intimacy when it extended into the audience on the three sides of the theatre. Because the actors were so close to me in the front row this perspective allowed me to notice all of the details. Details such as the delicate detail of the fabric Mr. Marks, played by Faruk Yardimici, had laid out on his table, and the beautiful bustier the character of Mayme, played by Shari Lucas, was given as a gift from Esther, played by Brittany Moise. Other details noticed while watching the play was the unique idea of having four hanging light bulbs that were lit up and dimmed throughout the show. As this assignment is to focus on the actors, I have chose to examine the performances of Shari Lucas, whose portrayal of Mayme I believe was the most successful, and the

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