Interviews and Interrogations Week4 Essay

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Interviews and Interrogations Week 4 Sandra McHenry Everest University Online This assignment requires me to interview a friend or family member about an incident in his or her daily life using two of these techniques: traditional, structural, or inferential interviewing techniques, or behavioral techniques. I decided to interview my step-father Lenny using the structural and behavioral techniques. We sat down in his living room where he feels comfortable and I asked him to tell me about his daily routine. I asked him the following questions and took notes of his answers. * Who do you have contact with in the morning? * What time do you get up and what do you do prior to arriving at work? * When do you leave work? * Where do you work? * Why do you make this stop every morning? * How do you get to work every day? Here is Lenny’s daily routine. He started off by telling me that he gets up at 5:30a.m every day, Monday through Friday, to get ready for work. Taking the dogs, Sassy and Pepi, outside is the first thing that he does after he shuts off the alarm. He takes them out through the french doors in the kitchen to the backyard. After he brings the dogs in, he sits down and has coffee and breakfast with my mom. The usually have small talk and then he heads to the bathroom to shower and shave. He puts on his uniform on and makes sure his shoes are shiny before putting them on. He is a Security Guard for Social Services in Kenansville, NC, which is about 17 miles from his house. He drives his Ford Ranger pickup to work every day. He leaves at 7a.m and heads to the corner store where he purchases a bottle of water and a newspaper. He takes the time to speak to the cashier about a headline on the front page and leaves. He then heads straight to work. He starts working at 8a.m and finishes his shift at 5p.m. He has contact with 60-90

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