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Interviews and Interrogations Week 2 Sandra McHenry Everest University Online Scenario: While working as a police officer, you respond to a robbery in progress involving two armed suspects at a liquor store. Upon arrival, you and your partner interview three witnesses to the crime. While conducting your investigation, another unit informs you they have a possible suspect detained several blocks from the incident. When arriving on scene, my partner and I would have to separate the three witnesses and establish a rapport with them in order for them to feel comfortable in talking with us. Physically separating the witnesses is an important step in assuring that they do not share information with each other or change their perceptions of what happened based on what someone else may say. Once they are separated we would request that they write down what they saw or heard; this helps to 1) minimize a lapse in their memory, and 2) can be used in court to prove their testimony was not tainted by someone else’s recollection of the crime. We would ask them to write down as much descriptive information about the suspects as they can remember. Once we get the witnesses separated and get them busy with writing their statements, I would see about recovering the video from the liquor store to see if the suspects were caught on tape. If there is no video, I would focus my investigation back to the witnesses’ ability to help us with the identification of the suspects. After receiving a call from the other unit about a possible suspect they have detained, my partner or myself would drive the witnesses, one at a time, passed the suspect to see if they can identify him, while the other stays back with the other two witnesses. After all three have had a chance to see the suspect, we may have a better chance for a positive identification. If this method does not help to

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