Interview with Vietnam Veteran

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Patrick O’Rourke ENG 101 - M & W 4:00 – 5:15 “A Serviceman’s Story” Few things on the earth are more terrible than war, seeing families and communities torn apart for reasons that aren’t always clear. It takes a certain kind of person to have the bravery to volunteer to be a soldier in one of the most infamous conflicts in American history, the Vietnam War. That is why I chose to interview a close friend of my grandfather – Les Herman. While my grandfather was not in the war, he has heard many stories from Les over the years and advised me that he would be an interesting person to interview. He was not wrong in that respect, Les is a great man that has led an eventful life. As I approach him at the agreed upon meeting place of my grandfather’s house, I can see the pride he has for his service, he is wearing his dress uniform specifically for this interview. It is decorated with countless medals and ribbons, signifying his commitment to the United States and his family. I imagined Les as being intimidating and withdrawn, but he was neither of those things. Yes, he was tall, towering over me at probably 6’ 3” or 6’ 4”. However he was very kind and soft spoken, always smiling and quick to answer my questions. “I’ve never really done an interview before, this is exciting!” he exclaimed as we sat down in my grandfather’s living room to get started. I ask him some basic questions, trying to get to know him, before we begin to start to discuss Vietnam. My first questions pertaining to the war was what job he performed in the military. “Pilot”, he says without hesitation. “Surprised?” he replies, and I nod my head. “Yeah, my superiors were too. It was a tight fit in those cockpits for someone of my size, but I convinced them with my ability. Les flew a CH- 47, also known as a Chinook, throughout his seven years of service during the war. The Vietnam War is held

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