Interview with Atticus

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Interview with Atticus. Me: How did you feel about the court case? Atticus: I was quite hesitant from the very beginning when Heck Tate asked me to represent Tom Robinson in the case since he is a black man and I knew he wouldn’t be passed as innocent not only because he was a black man but because he was up against a white girl, but I tried my very best to give him the justice he deserves. However the whole process lasted quite a while for an interracial case. Me: Mr. Atticus, how did you stand up to the pressure of defending a black man when the town was against that action? Atticus: I stood up for what I believed in and yes it was intimidating but this town has to understand that we are all human beings. Men are created equal, black people do the exact same things as we do but we choose to find the littlest indifferences and judge them. What if it was the other way around and we white people were treated to same way as we treat black people? We need to change our way of thinking and how we presume others. There may be some changes in racial attitudes over the years to come if we all stand up for what is right and persevere this achievement. Me: Would you take a case like this anytime in the future? Atticus: Yes. I would take a case like this in the future because I believe in human rights and I will continue to stand up or be of service to anyone to anyone being discriminated for something they cannot change like their own skin color. Me: why did you believe in Tom Robinson? Atticus: I don’t want attention, I want them to learn the lesson of giving people the benefit of the doubt, and to stand up for those who can’t defend themselves in court. There were a lot of allegations that I believed to have been false that were put against Tom. For instance Tom is a black man, it was an easier target for the white people to put on him since no one would believe
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