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Artists paint, sculpt; build, etc not because they dream of being famous someday, but because something deep inside them drives them to. To artists it is more then just merely creating something beautiful. Their art is a part of who they are, it’s their blood, sweat, and tears that is put into creating their art. The art represents what they are feeling at that moment or the era that they are born in, which lead to paints on politics, socialism or culture. No matter what they paint, the purpose is the same for them all to express themselves through the art. It is as if the painting are a window to their souls. I have the pleasure to have an artist in my family. His name is Geraldo Perez. His art is moving and influential. He was kind enough to do an interview with me about how in started drawing and what drives him to continue to do so. QUESTIONS/ANSWERS 1) How old were you when you discovered your passion for painting? I was always very interested in drawings and paintings, I thought they were magical. I was about six years old when I discovered that I loved painting. I was in kindergarten and had a headache everyday until they gave me paints, a brush, and paper. 2) What inspired you to start painting? I was inspired to start painting because I realized that one can communicate all sorts of things through painting. I realized that I was touched by art and that the feelings or emotions that art conjured were universal and this way of expressing our human condition- you could say one aspect of my being inspired to paint is a deep love of humanity. 3) What does being an artist mean to you? This question is tricky. First; I have to say that it means to me that I am responsible to make art and share what I know about art with others. It means that I must stay spiritually fit, and that more is expected of me and just like everyone else I am a "collaborator in

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