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1) What is your management style of choice? The type of leadership style is Bureaucratic 2) What is your vision for your company? My vision for this company is to exceed to the international market 3) What are your skills that you bring to the company? The skills which I bring to this company are communication and motivation skills 4) Were you initially interested in this field work? No, I was not 5) Did you have any mentors? Yes, my father was my mentor 6) What steps did you take to get to your position? The steps I took to be in this position are all education based. I went to college and pursued both a bachelors and master’s degree 7) In ten years where do you see yourself, or how will the company grow? In ten years like I mentioned before I expect this business to be on the international market or even worldwide. 8) How would you handle a difficult employee? I would handle a difficult employee by suspension and hopefully this helps rectify the problem because I’m against firing employees unless reasons are drastic. 9) Is this company your passion? Yes, this company is my passion because I placed a lot of work into it to make it the high scaled company that it is today. 10) What is your ideal salary? My salary is roughly $85,000 annually 11) Do you think your salary justifies your position? Yes I believe that my salary justifies my position because it’s an upscale company and my salary justifies my position. 12) What are some of the challenges within your company? Honestly, within my company we really don’t have any challenges because I have honest and trustworthy staff and everything floes

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