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Running Head: INTERVIEWS NVT2 TASK #2 1 Interviews NVT2 Task #2 Diana Kaminski Western Governors University Interviews Task #2 2 Summary After interviewing the perspective disciplines, all the disciplines acquire assistance from other staff members. It is apparent that all staff members value the expertise from the other disciplines when they have questions of that particular field and are uncertain of a particular topic. For example, the staff nurse that I interviewed said she utilized orthopedics and cardiologists most often to discuss treatments and referrals when necessary. The certified nurse midwife stated that she utilizes the expertise of family practice physicians and OB/GYN. Each nurse demonstrated that teambuilding is important because it helps to provide better patient care by utilizing the expertise of the other disciplines and allowing collaborative efforts to resolve patient problems. Teambuilding also includes relationship building. As stated by the nurse midwife, she establishes a relationship with the labor nurses, which also enhances patient care. The particular care applied through these particular nursing practices, across the board, are direct patient-centered care with the exception of the infection control nurse. Her care is not directly with the patient, but her job effects the patient directly. As stated by the infection control nurse, she deals with preventing hospital acquired infections by making sure all staff members follow the policies. When giving direct patient care, the staff nurse states she does this by having open and clear communication, listening and exceeding patient expectations. Each nurse has different experiences with the roles of other nurses. For example, the staff nurse and administration nurse states that the CNS is aware of populations with Interviews NVT2 Task #2 3

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