Interview Errors Essay

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Interview Errors by Camille Del Rosario 2011 1. Stereotyping: Stereotyping involves forming a generalized opinion about how people or the candidate of a given gender, religion, race, appearance, or other characteristic actually thinks, acts, responds, or would perform in a job without any evidence that it is actually true. Stereotyping is not only hurtful but is also wrong. It is not right to constantly put someone down based on your preconceived perceptions because this will not encourage them to succeed. One example of stereotyping is presuming that a woman would prefer a desk job over working outdoors because of her gender. Another example would be the applicants’ appearance that makes him/her seem unable to do the job. Also another is not hiring or promoting married women because they are not the primary earners of their family and will most likely focus on the family rather than the job. 2. Halo Effect: The "halo" effect follows when an interviewer allows one outstanding positive feature about the candidate to overshadow or have an effect on everything else. Employers tend to generalize one exceptional point of a candidate as representative of success even if it is unrelated to the traits and skills the employers are looking for. The Halo effect is a very subjective bias about a person that actually influences the total judgment of the interviewer. The halo effect also sometimes makes us attribute all sorts of positive traits to a person with whom we have something meaningful in common. One good example would be a candidate that studied in an ivy league school or graduated with so many honors in a prestigious university would be looked upon favorably during the interview and all his/her answers are correct and even if she missed something, it will be assumed that she knows it since she came from a very good university. Another example is when a person

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