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Interview Cristina 1) What is your opinion of today's youth? Today’s youth I feel that they are more awake with all this technology and new updates. 2) What changes have taken place in society since the time you were a teenager? Now Youngsters have cellphones. They tend to have more freedom. 3) What are your immediate goals? What are your long range goals? My immediate goals were to travel, or make short trips. My long range goal was to Completing my GED in taking English classes. 4) What were you doing 5 years ago? Have you attained some of the goals that you set for yourself since that time? I was still working at electronic companies. No I didn’t accomplish any of my goals cause there has been several incidents that come in between. 5) In what ways are you a different person than you were in your early 20's? I think twice before making a decisions I am more careful managing my expensive. I’ve become more appreciate with my family and belongings. 6) Have you had a mentor in your adult life? Yes I’ve had a mentor in my life I could say my mother. My mother would give me advice before I made a finally decision when a situation arise. 7) If you had your life to live over again, what would you do differently? I would treat my parents with a lot more respect. Appreciate the years in school. And really focus on getting a higher education. 8) What do you look forward to most in the future? I look forward to the years that I have left, And also to enjoy it with my family as much as I can. 9) How do you feel about children? At times it could be tough raising kids our own kids, Because you have all this competition going on. 10) How do you feel about grandchildren? Grandchildren are fun and the good thing about it is that they go home to their parents. 11) How do your friendships

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