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ewGreg Gilbert Mr. Patterson Writing Studies-CPN100-030 10/27/11 A Son’s Interview When growing up most boys’ role models are their very own fathers. My fathers name is Peter Gilbert and he grew up in Oceanside, New York and he is my role model. Growing up I always looked up to my father for many reasons. For one he never backed down to anyone, always was strict but not a jerk, and we both shared the love of sports. My father has been a salesman since I could remember and I always knew that was his job. He never complained so I assumed it was a good profession, which it is. He held the title of manager at his last job in the city working at a warehouse and he loved it. Although it wasn’t the best paying job and the hours weren’t great he managed to put food on the table and we were able to spend a decent amount on luxuries he decided to change his profession in the year of 1997.I recently asked him a bunch of questions about his current profession and his views for the most part have stayed the same. I asked my father why did you choose this profession?” and he responded by saying,” it was a well paying job that allowed me to spend time with my family and improves my lifestyles. I was told this profession was good by a friend who used to work at his old job with me and I finally decided to give it a try and it paid off. I also asked him what ethical problems have you encountered in this profession? He responded quickly saying that ,”It was hard for me to sell products to my friends because I wanted to give a fair price on it but I also need to make money so I was stuck in a pickle you might say.” Most salesman are in the business to rip you off but my father being the man he was couldn’t rip his own friends off so sometimes he would take a bit of a loss just to maintain his self respect and it was noticed by those he was selling to. When I asked him do

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