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Module No. and Name of Module: Work Placement Title of Assignment: Intervention Student Name and T-Number Submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirements for: Early Childhood Care and Education Year 3 Date of Submission 8th January 2010 Actual Word Count: I have being working closely with five babies during my work placement each varying widely in ages- three months, eight months, ten months, eleven months and twelve months. I have been observing each child in general while also caring to their individual needs. During my work placement I was drawn to one boy in particular aged 12 months. I had noticed him sitting on the workers knees he always seemed to cry. He arrived in the setting two weeks after me, so I have been able to focus on him from the start. On his first day he had a settling in period of just three hours where he cried constantly except when being feed. We noticed the back of his head was flat and he sweated a lot. He seemed to be agitated all the time. The next day we discovered he liked music and loved to be sung to, and wouldn’t cry if you kept singing but if you stopped he would start crying in hysteretic again. We also noticed the back of his head was totally flat but his parents never drew our attention to this. They did mention about his foot would be amputated in February as he was born with his right ankle on the heel of his foot with his toes and sole of his foot facing inwards completely. A week later he was still crying unless he was in someone’s arms or being sang to. He constantly seemed angry and agitated and unwilling to be comforted by anyone. As he took a lot of time and effort- and was beginning to upset the routine of other babies and this became more stressful on the worker. Observing this I became more interested as to why the child could not be comforted and cried so much and what was making him so

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