Intervention Essay

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I watched the first episode in the first season of intervention. It was about a girl called Alyson who was addicted to morphine and crack. Before Alyson became a drug addict, she was a three times intern for the White House. She was also very competitive and always wanted to win and bring home trophies. She started to become an addict at the age of 17 or 18. This movie was documented when Alyson was about the age of 27, so Alyson have been on drugs for a while. Before Alyson’s drug addition, she was very brilliant girl who liked to come home with trophies. She was athletic and loves to play musical instruments, which she won several awards for. Alyson’s family was very proud of her and her father always kept all her trophies because it brought him joy seeing his daughter with all her accomplishments. Alyson and her sister had very good relationship. They had both planned on staying next to each other when they grow up because they always like to be around each other. They played around the house and they barely argued with each other because they had an unconditional love for each other. Alyson was not only good in playing instruments and being athletic, she was also good academically. Alyson always came home with good grades and she was accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Alyson’s good grades also got her to become a three-time White House intern. While Alyson was in college her crack addicted boyfriend introduced her to the drug. As Alyson was taking drug with her boyfriend she started to become an addict. The drugs started to change Alyson’s behavior and she turned from the good responsible girl to the bad one. She dropped out of school and her drug addition started to affect her family because she no longer cared about her family anymore. Alyson’s relationship with her sister also started to decline. Alyson started to argue

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