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Tammy Fitzwater Typical Interview Questions What strengths do you have? I have a few different strengths at work. One of those strengths are my commination skills. I work very well with many different kinds of people, I understand that many people talk different and they gave different perspectives about a projects and task that needs to be done. When I do work with different people I realize that everyone comes with different priorities and objectives. This is very important for me to communicate tasks that will need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and I also need to take aware of what different people are working on. Give an example of how you knew things were going well with a project. How did you know? One example of knowing that one of my projects was going well is one time I when our scanner that scanned our invoices broke down on me. We have thousands of invoices that need to be scanned everyday so if I get behind then it is very difficult to get caught up. The time that the scanner broke we had the auditors coming in and it is very important that they have access to the invoices. My supervisor gave me a week to get caught up. I did the best that to get them all scanned. I knew I was that the project was going well because the piles of invoices were going down and also my supervisor told me that I was doing a good job. Can you give an example of when you agreed to take on a project even though you already had a heavy workload? How did you handle the extra work? It seems like I am always taking on more project all the time. There is one time that I had three big projects due at the end of the week and another co-worker caked off sick, my supervisor came to me asking if I can take on two more projects that needed to be done at the end of the week that my co-worker was working on. I told her yes, it got very stressful. I decided to make

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