Interupt Request Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT Unit 3 Assignment Wesley Beverly Kaplan University IT 190-12 Professor Goyden September 14, 2009 Unit 3 Assignment An Interrupt Request (IQR) is an orderly way that adapters or ports communicate with the processor. The higher the number assigned, the lower the priority it has. Likewise, the lower the number that is assigned, the higher the priority the adapter or port has. This is important when two or more items attempt to use the processor at the same time. The PCI Interrupt is how adapters in the expansion slots communicate with the processor. Since IQR has a limited number of priorities that it can assign, either eight or sixteen depending on the chipset, this allows more devices to have a place in line for the processor. Multiple devices can share a PCI Interrupt as long as they do not conflict with each other. USB devices are capable of being hot-swapped. This means that the PC does not need to be shut down in order to plug the device into the USB port. There are two different versions of USB. Version 1.0 supports speeds of either 1.5 Mbps or 12 Mbps. Version 2.0 supports a speed of 480 Mbps and is backwards compatible with Version 1.0. USB also supports plug and play devices. One USB port can support up to five USB hubs with a maximum of 127 devices connected. In order to install a USB device that does not support plug and play, use the following steps: 1. Power on the computer. 2. Install the device’s software. 3. If the device has an external power source, plug it in and turn the device on. 4. After making sure that the USB cord is properly inserted into the device, plug the cord into the USB port on the computer. The USB Type A connector goes into the computer; the Type B connector goes to the device. 5. If the operating system does not find the driver automatically, you

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