Intersectionality and Identity Essay

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Sex is the social context of pleasure(Jenifer Rogers ). Through it, sexual identity becomes known and understandable. I sexually identify myself as a heterosexual woman, which I acquired from society, class, religion, and relationships; along with my sexuality come many advantages such as marriage and social acceptance. I believe that we live in a heteronormative society, which means that we believe that being heterosexual is the only and normal way, and any other obtainable sexual identity is either not acceptable or frowned upon. I acquired my sexual identity through the influences that have been instilled in me since the day I was born. I come from a middle-class working family. My class status has privileged me because I have never had to attain a job throughout high school, while most kids my age did. It gave me extra time with which I decided to use and I joined my school’s cheerleading team. Being part of the cheerleading squad can be defined by others as being the typical all American girl. I consider cheerleading as definitely being the most feminized sport or club anyone can be a part of. For our uniforms we wore skirts, and we were always expected to look our best at all of our performances. We had to wear make-up and curl our hair with bows as accessories. Cheerleading taught me most of the things I know about being a girl. It also initiated boys into my life. In my high school it was always assumed that the cheerleaders always dated football players. Another aspect in my life that helped me identify my sexuality as a heterosexual woman is through my religion and family background. I am a Hispanic Catholic, being of that background, heterenormativity is always inclined. My religion does not believe that homosexuality is acceptable or correct, it is consider a sin. I wouldn’t say that my religion scared me away from being homosexual, but it made it

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