Interrogations & Interviews Essay

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Research a case where the Police obtain a false confession and the conviction was eventually overturn based on other evidence such as DNA. Summarize the case and identify the key Investigators errors that may have allowed the suspect to be convicted upon false confessions. Terrill Swift, Harold Richardson, Michael Saunders & Vincent Thames, who were Teenagers at the time, was convicted in a 1994 rape and murder on a woman whose body was Found in a trash can in the Englewood area in Chicago, Illinois. The Department of Justice Investigated the wrongful conviction when allegation became upon several of the Chicago Police Investigations on the incident. Nina Glover whom was 30 years old at the time of her Death was found dead strangled and rape. These four young men were charged for the crime. After the DNA of one Terrill Swift, whom after 15 years of serving prison time for a Crime he did not commit, allegedly fought for his innocence and request for an DNA sample Be taken from him. When the sample came back and was tested with the semen from the crime Scene, it prove that not only didn’t Mr. Terrill Swift, but the test prove that Harold Richardson, Michael Saunders and Vincent Thames DNA did not match as well. The semen from the crime Scene belong to one, Johnny Douglas, who was a convicted murderer was the suspect. Justice Still could not prevail for Johnny Douglas was killed in 2008. After the findings of new Evidence, Judge Paul Biebel, a Criminal Judge overturn the conviction on the four young men Whom one (Terrill Swift) return back to society after serving 15 years for this crime, came back To claim his innocence by fighting to regain his dignity for a crime he did not commit, turn with The remaining three and place a lawsuit on the Prosecutor and the Police Department and the Names that was listed in this lawsuit on the

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