interrogation skills Essay

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Questioning a potential suspect requires many skills. Interrogation is naturally confrontational. The Detective would have to be able to defuse anger or hostility, avoid confrontation, and put the suspect at ease in order to get more information. In addition, detecting deceit, reading body language, redirecting the conversation and remaining calm are key pieces. The purpose of the interrogation is to gain the maximum amount of useful and reliable information in the least amount of time. I think a big piece to this is the ability to read people. To have a sense of where the I think that the basic skills for reading people can be learned. You can learn that when a suspect is looking up that they are making it up. There are many tell tale signs when someone is lying or being honest, when they are going to cooperate or argue. That is information that you can retain. The instinctual part of interrogating is not something that is not so easily learned. That comes from the regular use of these skills and observing others. Conducting interviews and interrogations will help you learn and sharpen your skills. You will become more confident, instinctual, and efficient. We interact with several different types of people all day long. We have an idea of what there emotion is based on body language and the flow of the conversation. This is a simple form of reading people and using instincts to respond. I think the ability that we have in our daily lives can be applied to an interview or

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