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Identify and briefly describe the role of each agency would have in working with this family. (1000 words) Inter-professional collaborative work is described by the Department of Health (DOH 2006) as “…effective joint-working between agencies and professionals that have different expertise…(to provide) co-ordinated help” (1.14 p 33). All professionals and agencies have a duty to participate in strategies identified to empower as well as improve the Morris family’s standard of life. Carlisle, Donovan and Mercer (2005) assert “Better cohesion must surely result in efficient and relevant decision-making” (p 25). However, due to imposed limitations, I have chosen to highlight these professionals as they focus on the welfare of the family as a whole entity and strategic collaborative work which should positively affect the quality of their lives individually and collectively. They are as follows: • Social Worker (SW) • Youth Offending Team Officer (YOT) • Teacher • Education Welfare Service Officer (EWO) • Practice/District Nurse (PN/DN) • General Practitioner (GP) • Welfare Advisor (WA) The case presents a complexity of historical and present day issues faced by a family that spans three generations. They have survived the trauma of domestic violence and may feel socially isolated. The children appear to have regular unsupervised contact with their father. Joseph also appears to be displaying aggression towards his grandmother as well as at school. Iwaniec (2001) suggests that violence is a common element in dysfunctional families. Each member may be experiencing issues related to social, psychological and physical changes in their life courses. However, the most vulnerable people within this family are the children, who are reliant upon adults to ensure their welfare and quality of life. The racial and cultural backgrounds/

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