Interpreting The Culture Of American Consumption Essay

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Interpreting the Culture of American Consumption Popular music has changed. Radio set lists that were once filled with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or Jimi Hendrix, are now inhabited with Justin Bieber. The substance has changed as well. Once, lyrics described epic detailed scenes filled with vivid imagery, or confided in you about past, present, and future lovers through the use of extended metaphors. Even the instruments have changed; so much so, in fact, that it is rare to hear music not created by a computer on the radio. Overall, music used to require thought, introspection, and deep analysis on how the music applies to one’s own life. Now, however, music has been reduced to weak similes at best, the majority of the time just telling you straight-out what the song means. Today, artists such as Justin Bieber require minimal thought to listen to because of the growing depreciation of music as an art form, which can be traced back to the exploitation of the sexuality of children in popular music. If this trend continues, I fear music as we used to know it will cease to exist. Justin Bieber is a Canadian-born singer who was discovered by Usher on Youtube. His songs are all about love, girls, and more love. However, what confuses me is that he is 15 years old. Some of these songs he wrote (or so he says) starting at the age of 12. I feel left out. I feel like I must have missed out on the true love every 12-year-old experiences. The fact is, he doesn’t know anything about love yet sings these songs as if he has been broken up with a girl one too many times. Now, I wouldn’t be so aggravated by him and his music if he was a small flicker in the fires of music, but he is famous. I have repeatedly been forced to listen to his music in shopping malls, cars, and grocery stores. One of his videos on Youtube reached 44 million hits. Tony Royster Jr., a drummer

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