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Interpreting Annotating When a student at Boca High walks into Mrs. Boyle’s classroom, there are a variety of inspirational posters. But the one that drew my attention was a small picture of an old lady that said “annotating- ain’t nobody got time for that!” Sadly for us students, this is the case. Annotating a novel is not only tedious, but it takes away from the book itself. Additionally, it is time consuming as well as stressful on the already stressed out student. Annotation may seem like it has many implications, but those uses don’t outweigh the lessons and enjoyment of reading. To begin, annotating a book reduces the positive experience obtained from the book. In particular, the book 1984 by George Orwell is a prime example of this. As a student in the sophomore class, a student who has chosen to remain anonymous has had a firsthand account of this. He says “1984 has been boring, and annotating it doesn’t help. It is not well written.” Despite disagreeing with this student, this example clearly illustrates my point that annotating acts as a wall, obstructing the actual purpose of the book from view of the student. Also, instead of being used as a beautiful works of literature, novels at Boca High such as 1984, A Tale of Two Cities, and Animal Farm simply become sources of grades for the semester. Even a student who despises reading would enjoy these masterpieces. It’s just too bad that the annotating as well as the work that comes along with it ruins the fun. Furthermore, the annotation of the novel greatly stresses out the common student. Most students who want to go to at least a fairly decent university are taking at least 3 AP/ AICE courses in their sophomore year. These students are also required by the school district to take English all 4 years. Here is the bottom line: annotating is one of the most stressful parts of high

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