Interpretation on Robert Frost’s the Road Not Taken

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Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken seems to represent indecision. It tells us about a travelers who is standing in front of two different roads that basically look the same. He doesn’t know where each of the roads leads to, but he should make a choice whether he would take the first road or the other in order to move forward. Of course the roads here are just a symbol. It represents something much concrete in our reality: choices. In our life we are often meet with so much choices that could lead us to our future. The first stanza explains about a traveler in a yellow wood, stood in front of two diverged roads and he can only choose one road to be traveled. So he takes an intense look to the first road to know where it goes, but he can’t get a good look because the road is covered by undergrowth. What does it means? I think the yellow wood is a symbol. Since the road in the wood is yellow, we can picture this as autumn, when leaves change color. Thus, autumn could represent an old phase of someone’s life. If you’re in your late year which means an old person and you have two choices in front of you, it is rather difficult to choose between one of them. Much further, we will never know where are those choices would take us. It is indeed take a long time to make a decision. The traveler then take a look at the other road as well, described in the second stanza. He feels that this road look a little better than the other one although those two roads are actually very similar and difficult to differ. It leaves us with the question: Why does he feel different about this road? In the 3rd line of 2nd stanza, because it was grassy and wanted wear. The word grassy could mean green that represent life. Somehow the traveler can feel a better future from this road although once again, the roads actually look the same. In the third stanza, we are being convinced that the
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