Interpretation of Christopher Boone

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Christopher Boone, the narrator and main character of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, is a 15 year-old teenager who – although it is not clearly stated in the novel – has Asperger’s Syndrome. This is one of the least important things you need to know about him, but it is one of the main things that make him such a great observer of modern society. Readers are able to perceive the world in a completely different light through his eyes, a world full of truths and details that most people do not want to see and precious insights that the average person is blind to. To start with, although Christopher’s emotional limitations partially handicaps him in some ways, they are a great contribution to his extremely detailed perception of modern society. Because of those limitations, his thoughts aren’t clouded by emotions. For instance, he states that “people who believe in God think God has put human beings on the earth because they think human beings are the best animal, but …. human beings will all catch a disease and die out or they will make too much pollution and kill themselves, and then there will only be insects in the world and they will be the best animal.” His lack of emotion causes him to talk about things just as he sees or thinks about them. He sees the truth in how this society works and echoes it out loud, without a filter of emotion or bias that most people possess. Secondly, his brutal honesty is also a great factor when it comes to revealing the truths in society. He states himself that he is incapable of lying, because lies are things “which didn’t happen and they make me feel shaky and scared.” This undeniable honesty not only makes him credible, but add the details of his analyses and you have a perfect innocent revealing the real problems of today’s society. Finally, he sees everything completely differently from the rest of us. And
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