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The Interpretation of the Excerpt from the Novel “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray. Is there friendship in the world that lasts for the lifetime? If yes, what does it take to sustain such a dignified relationship and not to lose it over the years? If there are people in the world who have the answers to the questions, they are not definitely the main characters of the novel “Vanity Fair”, for the conditions that they found themselves in were not conducive to maintenance of the everlasting friendship. William Thackeray, an English novelist of the 19th century, whose recognition of an accomplished author rests mainly on the novel “Vanity Fair”, created his book as a densely populated multilayered panorama of manners and human frailties. The narrative style, subtle characterization and descriptive power, dramatic subject matters make it one of the epic novels of all time. The theme of the extract under consideration is the argument between the two women – Amelia and Rebecca –over the former’s husband. The action is set in Amelia’s house during the Napoleonic war: the allusions to war-chroniclers, jubilation in the great Chorus of Victory are indicative of that. Apparently, Amelia’s husband is at war, since in her thoughts he is gone and in danger. The text is a third-person narrative. The omniscient author opens the narration with Rebecca’s sudden visit to Amelia. Though they used to be close friends and feel a sisterly affection towards each other, it is no longer so, for Rebecca betrayed her friend’s trust – came between her and the husband. This is why there is no way for the women to reconcile with each other, no matter how hard Rebecca tries to rectify the situation. Her remorse simply doesn’t seem natural to Amelia, whose protestant invincibility leaves her guest amazed. Both the heroines are characterized directly and indirectly – through their

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