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Interplanetary Vacation Planners Thank you for inquiring with Interplanetary Vacation Planners. We are the Galaxy’s leader in customer satisfaction. We understand that you would like to visit a terrestrial planet in the “Solar System”. Our team of associates have put together an in-depth information package which will enable you to make a decision on which terrestrial planet you would like to visit on your trip. Once you have read through the information just go to our website at gww.IVP.cosmos.sphere and confirm your destination date and time. If you have any questions you can call us at 1-9566-7530-438-347-7652. Our alien service representatives are happy to assist you. First we would like to tell you about Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun; a miniscule 36,000,000 miles away. For this reason, Mercury reaches surface temperatures near 700k so be sure to bring your swimsuit and plenty of sunscreen(spf 89,000 or better is highly recommended). Conversely, Mercury has no atmosphere and so temperatures also dip to a frigid 100k. Gloves and a scarf are also recommended (like a hundred of them). When talking about days and years we use Earth days as our unit of measure. Apparently, someone a long, long, long, long time ago decided that Earth was at the center of the Universe. Lol. Anyway, so the Earth day stuck and is used throughout the Galaxies. That being said; The Mercurian day is equivalent to 59 Earth days and the year is equal to 88 Earth days. Mercury weighs 3.3 x 10^23 kg and has a radius of 2400 km. Mercury is riddled with craters from meteoritic bombardment. Mercury does have extensive intercrater plains if you enjoy the flatlands. Mercury also has many cliffs called scarps that are great for family sightseeing. There is no hydrosphere seeing how the scorching sun dried up this planet eons ago. Also, if you like your privacy, Mercury is one

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