Interpersonl Communication Essay

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~ Task 1: ways of communicating effectively Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we may communicate the subject becomes a lot more complex. There are various categories of communication and more than one may occur at any time. The different types of communication are: * Spoken or Verbal Communication: face-to-face, telephone, radio or television or other media. * Non-Verbal Communication: body language, gestures, how we dress or act - even our scent. * Written Communication: letters, e-mails, books, magazines, the Internet or via other media. * Written Communication: letters, e-mails, books, magazines, the Internet or via other media. Communication theory states that communication involves a sender and a receiver (or receivers) conveying information through a communication channel. The desired outcome or goal of any communication process understands. A good communicator thinks from the point of view of the audience or receiver, and takes responsibility for what is being communicated, how well it is being communicated and how well it is being understood. Rather than blaming the receiver for not understanding, a good communicator looks inwardly first and asks what can be done to improve the quality of the communication. We all communicate with others and we expect results from our communication. i.e.: * We expect others to respond in some way * We may expect them to change their attitude, their behaviour or their Beliefs * We sometimes expect them to do something We assess the impact of our communication by listening to and also assessing feedback from the other person(the receiver). This is done whether the feedback is in the form of silence (which may indicate that they have not heard), a scream, a smile,

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