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Interpersonal Relationships Essay

  • Submitted by: moneymart
  • on October 8, 2012
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Cindy Mendes
Dr. Kinsey
COM 100
19 July 2012
I. Interpersonal relationships are types of relationships with people such as family, friends, or romantic partners. According to the “Communication and Fundamentals” textbook, “Close relationships are essential for most people’s happiness; their presence is also associated with a person’s physical and mental happiness.” (CH 8).   I have not had many relationships that ended badly. In fact, I have always shied away from conflict. However, I have had one with a romantic relationship which ended abruptly and on bad terms. This relationship occurred about two years ago and was ended when I found out I was being cheated on.
Body: How to deal with a situation involving a difficult relationship with five separate concepts of Communication.
I. Beginning a relationship with the Social Penetration Theory
A. You begin to learn more about the person and as time goes by you experience Breadth. Breadth describes the number of topics you are open discuss willingly. (CH 8). You start to talk about topics of a wider range.
    1. Self-disclosure is said to happen across three dimensions “breadth, depth, and frequency.” Using these concepts correctly can help you re-evaluate your decision on whether or not you want to pursue a person as a partner.
  a. Breadth allows you to open up to the other person and also learn more about them.
  b. Depth varies on how much you want the other person to know. Basically like saying something but not including full details. Ex.   Saying “I Like dogs”, although you like dogs you might not necessarily want a dog. Laying everything out on the table in the beginning can save the drama at the end.
  c. Frequency happens as you become closer. You begin to reveal more and share more with the other person. The more often this happens the better; you learn a lot more about the other person and are left with no surprises.
II. Understanding the Knapp’s Stage Model
B. The Knapp’s Stage...

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