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Interpersonal Relationships When I came into this would I was already involved in interpersonal relationships. The most important are the relationships with my family. In this paper I will define emotional intelligence and its role in effective interpersonal relationships. In order for me to engage in healthy relationships, I had to get my self together emotionally. Second, I will evaluate appropriate levels of self disclosure in relationships. Lastly I will identify the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions. I will apply all three of these learning outcomes to relationships I have in my family. My Emotional Intelligence For as long as I could remember, I have been in touch with my emotional side. It really affected the way I engaged in conversations with people. Being emotionally intelligent is the ability to understand and get along with others. I am a very emotional person and becoming more emotionally intelligent is very important to me. When engaging with others I can be so caught up in my own feelings that I do not hear anything about the other person I am conversing with. According to Daniel Goleman and other researchers, emotional intelligence is made up of five characteristics: being self aware, managing emotions, motivating yourself, recognizing emotions in others and handling relationships (Goleman, 1995, pp. 43-44). Becoming more self aware requires me to separate myself from my emotions so that you can look at it in a clearer perspective. This keeps me from overreacting and becoming consumed by it. Another characteristic is being able to manage my emotions appropriately. I’m a person that deals with anxiety on a daily basis. At times I have become so anxious; I clam up and worse, give up on things. When I start feeling anxious, I have learned to think positive and push forward. I can no longer pity myself because it becomes a

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