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Interpersonal Interaction Speech and language- Speech is the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience. The words speech and language are often used interchangeably to describe the interaction of people talking to each other. However, speech is linked with how we say words while language defines what we say. The following are examples of speech: * Jargon * Dialect * Accent * Tone of voice Jargon is the technical language used by professions. Jargon is basically a shortened form of language that encapsulates implied knowledge. It is extremely practical in a community sharing a general interest as it removes much information redundancy. Meanwhile it represents an obstruction to those strange with it and makes it possible to quickly identify the "outsiders". Therefore the "outsiders" will feel excluded as long as they are powerless to gain knowledge of and use effectively the jargon used by specific group concerned. Jargon that has proven its usefulness becomes included into what is best described as typical language. In health, jargons are used multitudes of time, for instance; NHS stands for National health standard. For example, jargon can be used with colleagues because they will understand it. However, using it with the youths would confuse them and make it hard for them to understand as jargon are professional words. Dialect is the form of language spoken by people in a particular region or group. Dialect is the general pronunciation practiced in a particular region. Almost certainly the single person who does not consider you have some type of regional accent is you, because we are so familiar to listening to the dialect of the region we live in we don't hear it. Be attentive of the slang and accent utilized in your region of influence. Construct a conscious effort not to give way to it. Try to eliminate any accent and

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