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Interpersonal Conflict in Film Michelle Redding COM 200 Cheri Ketchum May 26, 2014 Interpersonal Conflict In the movie, Spanglish there were several conflicts that were occurring. One of the main interpersonal conflicts that I witness was between the husband and wife. The conflict involved how they chose to discipline their children. Sole identifies, “one of the most neglected interpersonal communication skills and a core competence we must master to be an effective communicator is listening. In this interpersonal conflict between the husband and wife, I noticed that neither party was engaging in effective listening skills. Communication involves creating an area of shared meaning, and providing useful feedback in order to resolve the conflict or level of miscommunication. This interpersonal conflict also involved a lot of emotions and feelings stemming from their poor levels of listening skills that were devoted to each other. The husband appeared to have a passive communication style, while the wife was more passive aggressive in her communication style. I believe their interpersonal conflict can be resolved by first improving their listening skills to effectively hear the message. After the message has been received, then providing appropriate feedback to each other through paraphrasing in order to identify that the intended message has been interpreted correctly. Due to the husband’s passive communication style, it is natural for him to flee when conflict arise; however it diminishes the ability to effectively resolve the conflict. I believe the husband should motivate himself to listen to his wife’s concerns without preconceived judgments. I also believe due to the wife’s passive aggressive communication style, it is natural for her to communicate with anger, resentment, and negative feelings towards her husband. Both parties need to adopt an assertive

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