Interpersonal Communications Essay

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Dear Soon to be Married, The million dollar question, how to communicate effectively in Casie Alaniz Ashford University COM 200 Interpersonal Communication Professor Kyle Ferguson Dear Soon to be Married, The million dollar question, how to communicate effectively in your marriage. Communication is a process by which two or more individuals create shared meaning using verbal and nonverbal messages in a variety of contexts. (Bevan, J. L., & Sole, K. 2014) No one goes into a marriage thinking man I wish we could communicate more effectively. Most of us go in thinking about how much we love the other person and all the things we hope do to with that person in the next 60+ years. In my experience most couples have their own language and no one can break the code. In the beginning of a relationship there is normally very obvious nonverbal communication going on. Couples tend to be very physical and affectionate with each other as the relationship grows and starts to take shape. This makes it easy to confirm their desire for one another. In the beginning of a relationship couples tend to share their stories, dreams, fears and plans for the future. As the relationship grows and other everyday things take priority the relationship can be pushed to the back burner. (Schoenberg, 2011) Once the “honeymoon” is over a couple must figure out how to really communicate. It’s not as easy as some may thing but in some cases it’s not as hard either. My husband and I were married after living together for several years so I’m not going to refer to that time I’m going to talk about when we first moved in together. We were both 19 years old moving into an apartment together with our 18 month old son after being apart for a year and a half. So we had some communication issues. I had been raising our son by myself for 18 months and now I had to deal with someone else’s opinion. To be

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