Interpersonal Communications Essay

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How does communication affect your life personally? I would like to explore this question today by using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to see how communication is a part of my life. Maslow expressed that there are five basic needs for a person in the human race. Each need has a different role in our lives. He feels the most basic need is “physical needs for survival”. If baby’s “basic needs” are not met and they suffer any type of trauma it can cause mental and physical affects to the baby. “Linda Mayes, a physician at the Child Study Center at Yale University, reports that children can suffer lasting damage if they are traumatized early in their lives.” I am not sure parents really understand how much we can affect a child at such early ages. Growing older does not change the fact that this basic physical need and communication are needed to survive and thrive in life. The next need on the hierarchy chart of needs is safety and protection needs. In order to live a safe life and protect ourselves we need to communicate. Without communication you could be hurt in many different ways. I have a friend who had a few too many drinks and he called me for a ride home so he did not have to drive. If he had not called me he could have gotten in his car and may have caused an accident hurting himself and possibly other people. If he had not called for a ride it could have ruined his life and affected many others lives by not using communication to protect him and others. Belonging needs are important in everyday life. “People who are deprived of human interaction over a long time may fail to develop a concept of themselves as humans.” (Wood, 2011) Apparently without communication your life can be affected mentally and physically. I can’t imagine a life without interaction with my co-workers, friends, and family. You can see how belonging to groups, interacting with

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