Interpersonal Communication: Talking Styles Essay

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Communication: Talking Styles Marquis Martin Interpersonal Communication COM 200 LaKisha Bryant February 6, 2012 Communication: Talking Styles Having good communication skills leads to happier and fulfilled lives. We learn to communicate with others in order to convey messages, thoughts, and emotions. I would have to disagree with the LSM grading. Fact is that the conversation between the two, you can tell that they are into each other. The way they are conversation with each other you can really tell that they have been either trying to tell one another that they want them or have already been intimate. In the article, Unconscious verbal coordination of this sort, dubbed language-style matching by the researchers, signifies not how much two people like each other but how much each is paying attention to what the other says, Ireland and her colleagues propose in an upcoming Psychological Science ( I would have to agree and disagree with the article because most of the time when the opposite unconscious verbal coordination would be saying how much one likes the other if it is a man. If it is a woman then the article might be true. The results are based on the opposite sex, so I feel as if one is seeing how much one likes them the other will show how much they like them back. It is in human nature for bitter enemies to have a very high language styles matching, because they are angry and have similar emotions, words, and gestures that they tend to do when they are around each other. As I have learned in the article and in my scores, we really connect well with complete and total strangers rather than someone that you have known for many years. When talking in synch I would agree with that only because if that person is your type you would most likely

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