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Media Reflection Paper I chose to watch and analyze “Remember the Titans”, a movie made in 2000 that was based off a true story. It is my all-time favorite movie. The movie is set in 1971 and follows the football season of the T.C. Williams’ (a high school in Virginia) Titans. The season documented in the film took place during the year the school was integrated. Chapter 1 of our textbook discusses the idea of participating in a diverse society. This was a critical aspect of the movie. The black and white members of the team were not used to interacting with members of the opposite race. It was a volatile situation at first, with constant tension and frequent verbal and physical fights. The coaches (one black and one white) insisted that the team would fail unless they became unified. Similarly, the book discussed the way that businesses will fail unless those from different backgrounds learn to embrace their diversity and participate effectively with one another. To breed unity, the coaches made the players sit on the bus with and room with a member of the opposite race. They also threatened four practices a day unless each teammate learned a significant amount about their roommate’s family, background, etc. and reported…show more content…
Several types of noise were shown in this movie. At practice, the players discussed the way their tiredness and thirst, physiological noise, were affecting their performance. Physical noise was rampant at the games. Fans intentionally get really loud while the other team is on offense to confuse them and hopefully mess them up. The coaches and teammates had to yell at each other so they could hear what plays to run over all the noise in the stadium. Psychological noise was also present at the beginning of the movie in the way the team’s feelings towards one another affected their

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