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Interpersonal Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: brenetteclayton
  • on October 13, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Perspectives on Physician-Assisted Suicides
Brendolynn Champlaie
PHI103 Informal Logic
John Moore
September 22, 2010

    Assisted suicide should be legal it will allow terminally ill patients the freedom of choosing how they should end their life when they can no longer endure the pain and suffering. People have the freedom to do almost anything that they choose to do except for how they die. Some patients would like to die with dignity since is a personal choice and this is something their doctor should understand. The method that they might want to choose is euthanasia which is also known as assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide (dying), doctor-assisted dying (suicide), and more loosely termed mercy (Christian Nordquist 2010).
    The English medical word “euthanasia” comes from the Greek word eu meaning “good” and the Greek word thanatos meaning “death” (Christian Nordquist 2010). Assisted suicide or euthanasia would give terminally ill patients the choice to die with dignity. Since it is against the law in many states they do not have this choice. So with further investigation and research will this be the choice that that patients will consider so that they can die with dignity. Assisted suicide could be legal if it relieves suffering of terminally ill patients and all options have been taken and given.
    A patient diagnosed with a “Terminal condition” which means an irreversible, incurable, and   untreatable condition caused by disease, illness, ore injury from which, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty as determined in accordance with reasonable medical standards by a declarants or other patient’s attending physician and one other physician who has examined the declarant or other patient, both of the following apply: There can be no recovery, death is likely to occur within a relatively short time if life-sustaining treatment is not administered (codes.ohio.gov). So a patients told that he has six months to live even...

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