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How to effectively use Interpersonal Communication in Relationships Sylvia F. Granville COM200: Interpersonal Communication (ADM1320A)) Instructor: Katie Rosenthal June 3, 2013 I. Introduction Thesis Statement Although newly engaged couples are seeking active methods of communication, Interpersonal communication should be used effectively because it controls one’s emotional intelligence, interpersonal interactions, words that affects one’s attitudes, behavior and perception, and strategies of listening. II. Body paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #1 While Interpersonal Communication consists of the mental and physical ability of emotional intelligence through effective communication, insignificant interpersonal communication is likely to influence one’s improvement to communicate and affect the way one’s feelings is managed through emotional intelligence. A. Supporting Evidence According to the text Making Connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication (2011), Emotional intelligence – “can improve our emotional intelligence by increasing our awareness of emotional issues and improving our ability to identify, assess, and manage our feelings” (Sole, 2011, p.1). B. Explanation of source Without a doubt, insignificant interpersonal communication influences one’s improvement to communicate and affect the way one’s feelings are managed because of their emotional intelligence. This is not healthy for either person involved. Couples ought to practice romantic emotional tactics; they will profit from the advantages of intimate growth that it has to offer. C. So What? Although it is difficult to comprehend with the way interpersonal communication works, there are training courses and Reality TV shows that offer great communicating skills, and so, couples should practice to control their emotional intelligence; notwithstanding

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