Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Christina Anderson COM 115.04 Journal Assignment #1 The Communication Process - Compare/Contrast two episodes Chapter 1; P. 12 Due Date: 9/17/12 Date Submitted: 9/17/12 The process of interpersonal communication is a very complex one. It is the process we use to send and receive messages with another party. The goals of interpersonal communication are to find a shared meaning, manage our personal identity, conduct our social relationships and to meet social goals. Messages are a primary part of interpersonal communication. A message conveys thoughts, feelings, and intentions of the speaker using words, sentences and nonverbal behaviors. When forming a message the speaker chooses each word to form sentences in effort to properly exchange information that is wanted to be shared, this process is called encoding. The way the receiver interprets the message is called decoding. After decoding the message the receiver may decide to respond. This response indicates how the initial message was understood, and the message which is then encoded and sent back is called feedback. A script is a template that tells you what to say and do in a specific situation. When encoding a message you scan your mental library of scripts looking for a one which you have used previously and was effective. Or, you may use a script which you have heard used in the past in a similar situation. This mental library of scripts is called your canned plan. Interpersonal communication is considered to be very complex because there are three different but equally important process that form a conversation. The first process that is needed for a conversation is message production. Message production is everything you do when you encode. It includes the actions you do when sending a message, like searching your canned plan, performing the message, and monitoring the response of the other

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