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Interpersonal Communication is something that is extremely important in personal relationships. Most of us use it daily with our spouses, friends, and family. Many smaller components such as Symbols, Interpersonal climate, and context, interact to create a much larger way in how we communicate in our personal relationships (Woods, 2012). Even though Interpersonal communication does us huge amounts of good it sometimes can have negative affects depending on the way we use it. I personally have had several interesting experiences when using Interpersonal Communication, one of which sticks out to me the most. I had been living with my boyfriend for just about seven months and we had discussed the idea of getting a pet. We had finally built a small fence around the yard and I knew how badly he was wanting a dog. Not long after, I went out to lunch with a good friend of mine and she started to tell me how her dog was expecting. She was a beautiful chocolate lab who was very friendly and energetic. I saw it as the perfect opportunity and I made plans to take one of her pups when they were born. Even though I was excited, I decided to keep it a secret and surprise my boyfriend when the time came. Two months later I was anxiously preparing to bring home our new baby. I had gone out and bought a dog bed, treats, food, and toys for the rambunctious fur ball that was sure to destroy my house if I had not. The puppy I picked was the smaller out of the rest, she was playful and I knew instantly that she was the one. Since I worked nights, and I left for work before he got home, I decided I would text him when I knew he would be on his way to the house. Everything was in place and my boyfriend was due home in an hour, so I put the puppy in a large kennel and left him in the bedroom. I thought about leaving a note on the couch but I figured maybe a text

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