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Interpersonal Communication Essay

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  • on May 27, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Interpersonal Communication" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

4A through 4D. Provide a detailed outline of your movement through these four steps.

4A. Restate your goal for this project:

•         4A 1. Write down your original goal from CCC Part 1E.

•         4A 2. Write down what you think your updated goal for this project should be now. It may be the same, slightly modified or totally different from Part 1E.

•         4A 3.Why is your goal the same as CCC Part 1E, or why did it need to be changed?

4B.Answer these questions:

•         4B 1.What must a person be saying and/or doing for me to say that he/she has achieved my goal?

•         4B 2. Given a room full of people, what is the basis on which I will separate them into two classes: Those who have achieved my goal and those who have not?

•         4B 3. How will I recognize and measure my goal achievement when I see it?

4C. State your goal in specific behavioral terms. What new people? Where will I meet them? When will I meet them? How many do I want to meet? How often? What will I say when I meet them? How will I say it? What do I typically do in these situations that I want to avoid?

•         4C 1.Behavior 1: "In order for me to achieve my goal of …, I will . . .

•         4C 2. Behavior 1: "In order for me to achieve my goal of …, I will . . .

•         4C 3. Behavior 1: "In order for me to achieve my goal of …, I will . . .

4D. YES or NO (Do this over until the answer is YES.) Explain why these behaviors would exemplify the attainment of your goal.

4E. Copy your goal from 4A2 and then add all your specific behaviors from 4C.Conclude with a clearly identified statement of the communication behaviors you intend to implement to achieve your interpersonal communication goal. Be specific.

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